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So here we have it, boys and girls, ten brand-new jams from Swedish metal veterans Crystal Eyes. This band has been known in the past for their well-written Heavy Metal tunes with slight Power Metal influences, and they stick to their guns here on Vengeance Descending. This one is another solid album, featuring mid-paced drumming and guitar rhythms with occasional harmonies and lighter interludes. The band has a clearly outlined Eighties-core wrapped in a blanket of velvety milk chocolate melodies. His soloing is excellent as well, and when coupled with the work of additional axeman Jonathan Nyberg, Crystal Eyes put forth a great guitar effort.

As talented as these guys are musically, it is their lyrics that pique my interest the most.

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  • Modern Thomas Arashikage (Storm Shadow) The 14th of the OG!.
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Two examples stand out a bit more than the rest. Firstly, there is "Mr. Failure," which seems to deal with the band's distaste for a certain reviewer or magazine. Crystal Eyes have very few serious bones in their bodies, and they exude an obviously humorous aura not seen since the heyday of Bay Area Thrash. These guys have performed somewhat under the radar throughout their career, being overshadowed by fellow Swedes like In Flames, Hammerfall and Meshuggah, and Vengeance Descending is the band's first CD with any kind of real distribution.

This ought to get the band a bit more notoriety in the Heavy Metal world.

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Crystal Eyes are a very talented band that warrants a listen. The band's webpage offers a bevy of tracks to taste, so take a listen! Talk about surprises, this band was such a good one that no matter how many times I listen to this, the more I'm convinced.