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So here we have it, boys and girls, ten brand-new jams from Swedish metal veterans Crystal Eyes. This band has been known in the past for their well-written Heavy Metal tunes with slight Power Metal influences, and they stick to their guns here on Vengeance Descending. This one is another solid album, featuring mid-paced drumming and guitar rhythms with occasional harmonies and lighter interludes. The band has a clearly outlined Eighties-core wrapped in a blanket of velvety milk chocolate melodies. His soloing is excellent as well, and when coupled with the work of additional axeman Jonathan Nyberg, Crystal Eyes put forth a great guitar effort.

As talented as these guys are musically, it is their lyrics that pique my interest the most.

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  • Modern Thomas Arashikage (Storm Shadow) The 14th of the OG!.
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Two examples stand out a bit more than the rest. Firstly, there is "Mr. Failure," which seems to deal with the band's distaste for a certain reviewer or magazine. Crystal Eyes have very few serious bones in their bodies, and they exude an obviously humorous aura not seen since the heyday of Bay Area Thrash. These guys have performed somewhat under the radar throughout their career, being overshadowed by fellow Swedes like In Flames, Hammerfall and Meshuggah, and Vengeance Descending is the band's first CD with any kind of real distribution.

This ought to get the band a bit more notoriety in the Heavy Metal world.

Feb 18 by The Charger Bulletin - Issuu

Crystal Eyes are a very talented band that warrants a listen. The band's webpage offers a bevy of tracks to taste, so take a listen! Talk about surprises, this band was such a good one that no matter how many times I listen to this, the more I'm convinced.

This album is able to grab you by your balls right from the start and never let them go, believe me! I've sat down and relaxed for a while so I didn't write this review with haste, but my opinion is still the same. This is probably the best Heavy Metal album I've ever heard so far, and I'm not even a fanatic of the genre like many of you are, I'm sure.

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I'm talking about a Swedish band called Crystal Eyes, whom I've never heard of until now by the way, but surely a name that I won't forget! I had this CD entitled "Vengeance Descending" for about a week before picking it up hey, I have lots of other albums to review too! I have to confess that the cover did not appeal to me all that much, I mean, the drawing is good, but I just didn't think it fits the cover of the album. On the other hand, I've seen the covers from the past two releases of this band, and they are actually quite good.

Crystal Eyes were formed back in , and after a couple of bad times, I get the feeling that they will go places, it's just a matter of getting this album out there, as it should.

Modern Thomas Arashikage (Storm Shadow) The 14th of the OG!

I mean, these guys are the greatest melodic crappers or belchers pick one! I've seen, each song has something special, I keep forgeting which one is better simply because they are all so damn good. Well, I do have a personal favourite, but I'll get there in a minute.

Where the hell have these guys been for so long and how come I've never heard of them before?! Blessed be the day when I contacted their label Heavy Fidelity and they decided to send me this little masterpiece! Well, now it's up to me to spread the word, and the music will do the rest! Take my word for it, if you like melodic Heavy Metal, Power Metal, or anything melodic for that matter, Crystal Eyes is definitely the band for you!

I just realised that I could be here on and on babbling about how good this album is when what you should do right after reading my review, of course is check out this band. The band is also kind enough to provide you several complete Mp3 songs in their website, so you have no excuse! But before you do that, check out our Mp3 section and download the song "Highland Revenge", probably my favourite from this album, it was no surprise to me that it was one of the songs they added in their website as well. The lyrics are also inspired in one of my favourite movies "Braveheart" , so that's an extra motivation for those who liked the movie as well.

And that's it, I'm done writing this review, yet I can't stop listening to "Vengeance Descending"! You know, I've done many reviews during the past year, some albums stick in your mind, others just seem to pass you by, but this one will be kept closely to my stereo for sure, my preciousssss! Se pueden apreciar influencias de bandas como Blind Guardian o GRave Digger, lo cual te da una pauta de que esperar. Through many personnel changes due to musical differences, he remains the only member of the band who's gone the distance, remaining true to his original vision of playing heavy metal and nothing but.

The years that followed the formation of the band saw them releasing several demos and playing lots of gigs, most notably with Blind Guardian in In , the band got a break and signed a record deal, leading to the release of World Of Black And Silver, the band's debut album. This new album, released this past July is called Vengeance Descending and is the band's third full length album to date. I've never heard the In Silence They March album, but Chris here at Metal Reviews didn't think much of it, awarding it a score in the 40's and ripping the band for the lousy production.

This album too lacks in the production department and upon first listen, was a bit of a sore point for me. The guitars sound great with a big fat sustaining metal sound but the drums and vocals really should sound better than they do. For a power metal band these days, solid crisp production is a must and any band without that basic element shouldn't expect a long and lustrous career!!

After getting over the shortcomings with the production, the quality of songs and the musicianship really started to show itself. Crystal Eyes can best be described as power metal but with an 80's anthemic metal flavor. Influences from bands like Helloween and Gamma Ray can be heard too with the speediness however, this band has a more raw and unrefined sound.

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  4. Vocalist Mikael Dahl even sounds like a younger Kai Hansen for most of this album. The use of harmonized guitars both in the lead solos and with some of the thematic riffing for the songs is the one true highlight of this album for me. I love the Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden style of lead guitar harmonies and rhythmic harmony thirds that give a whole new dimension of power and melody to any heavy metal song. Most tracks on this album are chocked full of harmony guitar parts. Fist pumping Accept style tracks, galloping Iron Maiden type rhythms and an overall epic power metal sound really give these guys a style that is enjoyable to listen to.

    It may not be the most original stuff you've ever heard but they play it well and with some of the best harmony rhythm and lead guitar that I've heard in many years. Two or three listens is about all most CDs get when I review them however, I found myself reaching for this one time and time again in my car and for a power metal album, that is a rare occurrence these days unless it is something truly exceptional and above average for an already over-saturated genre. Judging by Chris' review of their previous album, I can only assume that this album is light years better than that.

    I would've scored this album even higher had it not been for the production. A couple of cheesy 80's metal style tracks also didn't do very much for me either. The rest of the album however is very solid with great soaring and memorable happy choruses and a great classic heavy metal sound. If this band could work out it's production woes, I think we'd be hearing a lot more about them as they've delivered a quality album with Vengeance Descending.

    Great job guys and I hope this one gives you the break you've worked so long and hard for. Bei allem, was mir heilig ist, dieses Album hat mich nach allen Regeln der Kunst aus den Latschen gehauen! Es ist eine einzige Wonne, meine Damen und Herren. Ich jedenfalls kriege diese zehn Songs bereits seit Tagen nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Wenn man eine simple, aber doch unendlich wirkungsvolle Uptempo-Hymne wie "Mr. Being a true music fan isn't black and white. You know you love it.