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When it comes down to it, whatever kind of video you decide to pursue, one of the biggest things to focus on is authenticity. Rather than thinking about what might interest them or get them to buy your product, try focusing on what sets you apart and what would fill their needs.

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Using creative video elements that are true to your unique story and really showcase what sets your brand apart will help add to this authenticity. Aim to be interactive and engaging, and your audience will feel like they know you, inherently building trust in your company along the way.

How to Shoot GREAT Corporate Videos

With the rise of YouTube and Facebook Live, more and more people are consuming this kind of content daily. People watched a billion hours of YouTube every day in , and Facebook gets over 8 billion average daily video views.

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This popularity and preference for videos is also apparent when analyzing consumer interactions with videos. This is arguably one of the biggest benefits of video marketing that is also easily trackable and speeds up the return on your video investment. Along with being one of the most engaging forms of media, videos are also one of the fastest-growing kinds of content as well.

When you have a video produced for your business, you also gain an asset you can use for years depending on your usage rights. Videos that tell your brand story and give a glimpse at the people behind the scenes are usually the best for a long-term video strategy. In addition to being a sound long-term investment, videos can significantly help your SEO rank. Having videos on your website and showcased on social media channels can help improve your SEO in a number of ways: you and your consumers can create quality backlinks, help reduce bounce rates on pages with engaging videos, and have highly-shareable content.

By uploading your videos to YouTube specifically, you increase these positive benefits by using the channel Google places a higher weight on. These benefits, along with the exploding growth of video popularity and consumer engagement, result in a winning reason why video should be a top priority in your long-term SEO plans.

Corporate Video Production – Chicago

As opposed to buying ad space in a magazine that will only last for the amount of time you purchased in a restricted place, a video offers a greater amount of versatility. Subsequently, it is far easier to explain complex ideas with video because you can use animation and motion graphics to bring concepts to life. Therefore, things that would take many paragraphs to TRY to explain can be easily, and effectively, shared much quicker with video. It is an opportunity to get to know and personalize a business, before ever meeting with them.

Because video is so good at humanizing a brand, it eventually leads to trust.