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Any warranty descriptions were intended for US purchasers. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. October 28, - Published on Amazon. For a first time writer this book is a real page turner. The location could be any upscale small town.

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The characters feel like people in the small town you would see everyday. The story is a very easy read and you get hooked after the first few pages.

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Go to Amazon. But wait, he'd said he'd seen my "friend," Detective Finelli.

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I know just the lawyer to call, but before I get him, I want you to promise me to try to calm down. I'm sure there's an easy explanation as to how Bradley came to be found with the body. I hung up, grabbed my purse and gloves, and raced out of the apartment and down the stairs.

Murder Call S02E03 Skin Deep

I tripped on a child's red truck on a step and almost fell headlong to the ground. Telling myself I had no time to break my neck right now, I grabbed the rail, righted myself, and continued down. Outside, the morning chill hit me, and a quick glance at my watch underneath the building's light said it was five forty-five. The streets were dark, and I imagined Harry asleep behind the Catholic high school across the way. A couple of young men stood loitering at the corner I had to pass.

I paused long enough to hail a taxi, opting not to take the subway, and slid into the back seat.

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  • By the time I arrived at the police station, dawn had turned the city pale lavender. Trucks were delivering goods to stores and restaurants, garbage trucks noisily took care of the city's trash, and lights dotted the windows of apartment buildings. The uniformed desk clerk, in his forties, a balding paunchy man, eyed me suspiciously. I clunked my purse down on the desk.

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    You see, my boss, Mr. Williams, has been arrested, and I'm here to get him out of jail, because it's all simply a terrible misunderstanding. If you would show me to where he's being held, we can be on our way.