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Employ 1 inch margins.

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Articles should be between pp. Science poetry and book reviews should be no more than 6 pp. Sections should be indicated by centered subheadings. For dashes, use an Em-dash — with a space at both ends if the body of the paper or text is in English, or the rules for normal spacing, if it is in other languages. Avoid endnotes or footnotes; the preferred format is the parenthetical method in the body of the text , described by the Modern Language Association MLA.

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Alicia Rivero, Ometeca , arivero unc. All payments must be in U. James Anderson thyjim3 juno. More crucially, we have asked how these ideas and concepts changed throughout the centuries, at the same time that they transformed the country. Religion is perhaps the most comprehensive of these terms, since it has encompassed — and sometimes subsumed — all the others in different periods of the history of Brazil.

Literatura - O Cortiço - Aluísio de Azevedo - Laura Camilo dos Santos Cruz

His essay discusses Marxism in Brazil and pauses to document the experience and suffering of many of the first Marxists. Maria Gabriela S. The last essay, written by Neusa Serra and Rafael Saad Fernandes, works with a contemporary reality that artists and craftspeople face in our time, when the usual lack of official support for the arts is counterbalanced by the attempts to use the principles of a solidarity economy to ensure that funding — even though scarce — can be shared and, in a sense, multiplied.

A country created in the midst of so much suffering and so much violence can perhaps come up in the future with the best possible practices for peace, solidarity and fraternity, as so many artists in Brazil have demonstrated. Marinho, Maria Gabriela S. Serra, Neusa, e Rafael Saad Fernandez.

Lokensgard, Mark A. Wadsworth: pp.

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In contrast, Snow idealized scientists. Snow expanded his lecture in his Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution. This tome was later revised partially by him. Thus, this issue blends scientific disciplines with literature and other humanities, as one would expect in Ometeca , which includes digital humanities in volume 23 with Glazier. He is the Director of the Electronic Poetry Center, a poet-programmer, a media professor and performer, as well as an essayist of poetics e.

Modeling is another concept that is explored in literature and neuroscience Arata , or in cybernetics and communication studies Martinez. As is typical for the journal, then, this volume of Ometeca addresses a wide range of interdisciplinary and multicultural interests in the broadest sense.

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Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerry not only for his leadership and selfless service to the profession, but also for his invaluable help. Carr, William F. Izaguirre, Frank. Krieg, Sam. Cavanaugh, Cecelia J. Fitzgibbon: p.


Guest Editors : Profs. Eva P. Bueno of St. Collage by Eva Bueno. Jim Anderson. O som e o sentido do sotaque: um estudo voltado para o teatro paraibano, by Adriana Fernandes: p. Feinberg : p. Alcoce: p. Dalton: p. Reviewed by Jerry Hoeg: p. Gilfoil: p. Pogliani, Nora Okulik, and Alicia H. Jubert: p. McNeil: p.

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Madrid: Iberoamericana, Reviewed by Luis I. New York. This period, known as The Great Navigations, is represented in this unpublished HQ, which shows how the Portuguese explorers linked West and East, while putting on the map formerly unknown territories such as the land that would get the name of Brazil. If your answer is no, come with us into this amazing voyage through the world of Korean pop.

And we encourage you to pay attention to the details.

K-Pop is made of them. Full of illustrations clothes and accessories, including outfits, shoes, perfumes, and photos of fashion shows, this book follows the history of fashion by the major decades. It also includes looks from the black power, hippie and punk movements. This book offers a journey through the fashion world.

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The story of a fighter who faced serious dangers wandering around Brazil in order to find a treasure that is more precious than gold. At the end of the long journey, lost and not knowing where to go, he found the treasure right in front of his eyes, where the unprepared look can only see misery and sorrow. Child plays in the playground. A child reports the various types of toy he is having fun in: swing, seesaw, airplane, slide, spin-spin, jump-jump, etc.

In the end, it challenges the reader to guess where she's playing. Hippo, the hippopotamus, suffers for being different from everyone else: it is big, heavy, clumsy A rare disease diagnosed during her childhood never stopped Helena from seeing the world, and even with all the obstacles she is a joyful independent and very sensitive young girl. One day her parents need to go in a trip and the young girl has to stay alone at home. Her mom had hired a boy to take care of the garden.

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And what looked like an unpleasant visit can bring a huge change in her life.